Top 8 ways to make him want you more

Sometimes in a relationship there comes a period when the former passion has already faded and your partner has stopped wanting you as before. If in such a situation, you wonder how to make him think about you all the time again, and sex was not once a week, then we advise you to take these tips and

What happens in the real world is that after a couple of months in a relationship, the spark fades and the man stops doing what he did in the beginning to win the woman over. And that kills the relationship. However, there are a few ways to help make him want you the way he did at the beginning of your affair.

Touch him unexpectedly

Unexpected touches give a very different feeling that will take your man by surprise. For example, take the keys out of his pocket. This is a way to stimulate his nerve endings and create a connection when he least expects it. When you’re not around, he’ll miss those moments and immediately start thinking about you, including in a sexual way.

Think back to the past

What of the things that were familiar in the early days of your relationship have already faded away? Bring it back. It’s easy to forget the little things that drew you to each other at the beginning of an affair. To make him want you even more, start wearing your old perfume, or visit the place you were on your first date, or wear old t-shirts that he really liked on you. These nostalgic and sensual moments will make him want you even more.

Change your image

Change is always fun. Otherwise, things get a little tedious and boring. A dramatic change in your appearance can work wonders. He will pay attention if you wear stilettos more often. Get tall bangs if you’ve never done them, or change your hair color. Your partner is more likely to feel attracted to you if there is an obvious change in your appearance. It will also make you feel much sexier.

Be unavailable sometimes

How to make him want you more? Be unavailable sometimes. Remember that you have a life of your own. Friends, hobbies, jobs, hobbies. If you are not there when he needs you, he will miss you even more. He will want you more than ever. While you’re not around, text him an obscene message and he’ll just freak out.

Allow yourself some harmless flirting

Men have a competitive nature that tends to take over. If you slyly look at the cute guy in a restaurant, the jealousy and competitive streak of a partner is sure to work. However, don’t take it too far. Remember that you want to get his attention, not create problems in the relationship.

Give him plenty of space

Men like to pursue things that are not easily accessible. This general rule applies here as well. Give him enough space that he just can’t resist seeing you often. Try to turn him down periodically; sometimes “no” works wonders with men.

Always smell good

Experts say that the sense of smell is one of the most primitive senses, so if you smell good, it will directly reach your partner’s brain and trigger an emotional response. Next time you meet your man, make sure you smell good. The smell will stay with him for a long time, and he will want to meet you again.

Compliment him more often

Just as every woman likes to be wanted, men like to feel wanted or appreciated. Make sure you compliment your man more often than usual. Don’t limit your compliments to just his appearance. Tell him how much you appreciate what he does for you or how you liked the way he acted in a situation. Such compliments will give him confidence in himself, and he will start to want you more.